Best Water Hyacinth Material


Water Hyacinth is perennial, bulbous, member of the asparagus family. The representative of the flora is the primrose, therefore it is pleasant with bright colors and a fragrance already in the middle of spring. In the southern regions, hyacinth flowers bloom even earlier.


Features of water hyacinth

Water hyacinth’s fast spawning properties make this crafting material quite cheap. After the water hyacinth is dried, the workers will take the fiber part of the water hyacinth to weave into products. 

The most prominent item made from water hyacinth is the carpet. A water hyacinth carpet is a carpet that is completely woven from natural water hyacinth fibers, not combined with artificial materials, so it has a simple and rustic style. In addition, water hyacinth is also used to make baskets and bags, …

do thu cong my nghe tu luc binh


Water hyacinth, after being about 3 months old, the stem is about 60-90 cm long, it will be used as a material to produce fine art products. The people will preliminary treatment and let them dry in the sun for 5-6 days.

After the hyacinth fibers are dry, they will be bundled and stored. When needed, dip the water hyacinth fibers in drying glue and then knit and trim. Every day, people can make about 7 small bags of water hyacinth, and if it is a large type, only one can be made. Western rural women see this as a side job when they have free time in the fields.

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